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ITAR Registered

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 Palma has been in business since 1962. We are a diverse machine shop with capabilities beyond the basic labels in the NAICS listed below.

 PROTOTYPE, TOOLING, FIXTURES, REPAIR and LOW  VOLUME CONTRACT MACHINING are what we do best. We have experience with most tool steels, stainless steels, aluminum and various other alloys and super alloys.

AEROSPACE, AIRCRAFT, AUTO, MEDICAL and FOOD,  are just at few of the Industries we currently supply our services to.

CAGE Code: 5B0J0

Registered with: SAM and JCP Certified

ITAR Registered

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

The small business size status is derived from the revenues and/or number of Employees entered by the vendor during the registration process.

NAICS Code      Description                                                      Small Business

33221                    Hand Tool Mfg                                                                           yes

332313                  Platework Mfg                                                                            yes

332510                  Hardware Mfg                                                                            yes

332710 (Primary)  Machine Shops                                                                       yes

332721                  Precision Turned Product Manufacturing                                  yes

332722                  Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, Washer Mfg                                         yes

332911                  Industrial Valve Mfg                                                                   yes

332912                  Fluid Valve and Hose Fitting Mfg                                              yes

332994                  Small Arms, Ordinance and Accessories Mfg                          yes

332999                  Other Misc Fab Metal Mfg                                                         yes

333512                  Machine Tool (Metal Cutting Types) Manufacturing                  yes

333514                  Special Die and Tool, Jig and Fixture Mfg                                yes

333515                  Cutting Tool and Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing        yes

333517                  Machine Tool Mfg                                                                      yes

333519                  Rolling Mill and Other Mfg                                                         yes

333995                  Fluid Power Cylinder Mfg                                                          yes

333996                  Fluid Power Pump Mfg                                                              yes

333999                  All Other Misc Mfg                                                                      yes

336413                  Other Aircraft Part Mfg                                                               yes

336991                  Motorcycle Part Mfg                                                                   yes

336992                  Military Armored Vehicle Components Mfg                               yes

611513                  Apprenticeship Training                                                             yes

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