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This week Palma just bought an OGP Smartscope. We would like to thank Tom Loewenguth for the set up and delivery as well as the on site training.

Palma would like to thank Brooks Rigging for delivering our new DMG DMU 50 and relocating our existing VMCs to the new layout. We would also like to thank Boldt Machinery for their assistance in set up and training of our new machining center.

Palma has bought a DMG DMU 50 5 simultaneous axis CNC milling machine and a Doosan Puma 2100 High Performance CNC lathe this year. We are eagerly looking forward to the the new advantages of our new 5th axis machine.

To continue our goal of improving the quality of our products and services we bought a new Boom Microscope and a new Rotus pencil grinder unit this year.

Palma would like to thank Prime Tech Sales, Inc. for delivery and set up of our new Brown & Sharp Global CMM. We would also like to thank them for the training sessions included in the purchase.

On 10/2/2012 we welcomed Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council for a tour of our facilities. While they were here we discussed our capabilities and what is required to reach the high standards that we live by every day at Palma Tool & die. We discussed the skills that we look for in potential employees and how they are applied to our industry. Shortly after we walked through the different departments where the council members were able to interact with the machinists and ask questions . There was a great deal of pride in everything that the employees talked about. They discussed how hard it can be to make some of the difficult parts and that the satisfaction from success is a great reward. Hopefully we were able to help change the worlds misconception about manufacturing, if only by a little bit, that there can be a lot of pride and self satisfaction from making something usefull with your own hands. We would like to thank the NFIEC for their extra efforts to understand what our local area needs from it’s future, the kids. And helping the kids find a career that they can be successful at.

For 2013 Palma Tool & Die made a few purchases to improve our capabilities including:

DMG/Mori Seiki DuraVertical 1035 high speed CNC machining center.

Mitsubishi MV 1200R EDM wire machine.

Haas SuperMini high speed CNC machining center.

Coesen Horizontal Band Saw AH-320H.

Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics custom system.

Starrett Altissimo 200-24 height master.